George Grey Barnard Exhibit Part II

Hello Friends!

The Barnard Exhibit has been up for a few months now. Its going over pretty well, and I thought I would share a few photos of the finished process.


Some of the statue’s labels already had stands I made several years ago, but with the help of our resident handyman, we made quite a few more for the exhibit.


These stands were painted white, and the labels were glued onto them. The wood blocks, doll rods, wooden squares for the top, and the spray paint were substantially cheaper than anything I could find in archival magazines. They helped to bring some of the labels up to eye level. I love how they turned out!


The next project was a sturdy case to hold some of the smaller artifacts. We already had this case top, but it needed a base. Handy Man Ken built this rolling case, painted it white, and also painted the bottom of the case grey. I love the way it turned out.


The exhibit turned out really great. I loved getting to create interpretive signage for one of my favorite rooms in the museum. I hope I did it justice!


Thanks for reading!



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