DIY Phone Cases

Hey there!

So as some of you may know, I have an addiction to phone cases…a bad one. Unfortunately, I cant afford to spend a bazillion dollars on my obsession so I had to get a little creative and start making my own!


  • Pencil 
  • Case template*
  • Paper/Design
  • Exacto Knife
  • Clear Case

*You can find a phone case backing template online, or make your own by tracing the clear case, cutting that out, and placing it inside your case (to make sure it fits perfectly before cutting out your actual case design).

Clear cases for any phone can be bought virtually anywhere. The first one I purchased I found on Amazon for less than ten dollars. I am finicky about the look and feel of my phone cases (I told you I was obsessed) and I was not completely happy with the way this one fit, so I opted to find one at a local retail store.

The design is also completely up to you. Get creative! Use old illustrations from books, marble paper dust jackets, wallpaper samples, construction paper, washi tape, ect. This is the fun part and its really up to you to make your case unique. I have designed some myself, using images I found and liked, and even a few of my own designs. Truthfully the cases I have used the longest are ones made from scrap booking paper found at craft stores.


For this case I have pulled out a few scraps to choose from. The striped piece is from a file folder I picked up from the Target Dollar Spot and the Gold Polka dots is from a paper pack called The Shoppe on the Square Paper Pad (my FAVE).

First, you need to position your case over the paper, to make sure you will be cutting out best possible portion.

I suggest (if possible) once you find the right position, you flip over the paper and use a template for tracing. My template here, is an insert from an old phone case. You can find these templates online or use a scrap piece of paper to make your own first.


Once the basic shape is traced, cut it out. Do NOT cut out the camera hole just yet.


TIP: When it comes to cutting the camera hole, or any other portion of the case out of the paper backing, I would HIGHLY suggest positioning the paper in the case exactly how you want it, pressing it to the back of the case, and lightly drawing in the hole with a pencil. When you take the paper back out, cut around the pencil markings and make sure to cut along the outside of the pencil line. This is the best way I have found, to avoid the paper backing sticking out from the camera hole.

Now that its cut out, place the backing into your case and carefully place your phone onto it. VOILA! You have a snazzy new case!


Change it as often as you please and its guilt free!

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Thanks for reading!


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